American Combat Judo by Bernard J Cosneck

By Bernard J Cosneck

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Consequently, attempt this trick. When ordered to raise your arms raise the hand on the side of the pistol slower than the other (Fig. 139). The action must not appear deliberate nor hesitant. As your slow hand reaches the level of the pistol, drop it on the gun barrel and twist to the left; sway your hody in the same direction to remove yourself from a direct line of /ire (Fig. 140). See note. 2. If you are holding the gun barrel in your left hand, pivot to the left, your back to opponent. Then wrap your right arm around and under opponent's pistol arm, llraspinll' your left wrist with your right hand (Fig.

Pile driver . D. Angle drop E. Hack at neck F. Hip Throw G.

For front strangle. bring hands up forcibly and out through center; hack down on neck; kick with foot or knee III. Being strangled with Forearm A. Releases I. Duck chin 2. Turn head toward elbow 3. Grab forearm and try to pull it away B. Tear fingers away; arm swing and pin arms. kick knee; apply wrist twist IV. Being Grasped by the Wrists A. Kick or use knee B. Pressure against thumbs C. Cross-over break V. Being Attacked While Lying Face Down A. Roll over on back B. Raise legs and kick 123 C.

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