Almost Invisible by Mark Strand

By Mark Strand

From Pulitzer Prize--winner Mark Strand comes an exquisitely witty and poignant sequence of prose poems. occasionally showing as natural prose, occasionally as impure poetry, yet constantly with Strand's readability and straightforwardness of favor, they're like riddles, their solutions vanishing simply as they seem within sight. myth, family satire, meditation, shaggy dog story, and delusion all come jointly in what's arguably the liveliest, so much interesting ebook that Strand has but written.

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"Adrienne wealthy is hard, as a poet and as a philosopher. The poems in cellphone Ringing within the Labyrinth are full of traps and snares and difficulties that stream in circles. She’s so deft, in a few enigmatic means, that she manages to drag off references and turns of word that will sink the other poet’s paintings, that will appear pretentious or overwrought in different arms. within the nine-part “Draft #2006,” that may be my favourite piece during this quantity, she fees Karl Marx’s Theses on Feuerbach partially 4, visits a farmer swallowing pesticide in Andhra Pradesh partly six, and talks in regards to the “thereness” of something partly 9 -- and but by some means, via anything edgier and brainier than magic, the poem isn't heavy-handedly political or philosophical. It’s simply thought-provoking. And round. And difficult. you'll take a seat stewing over the 1st line -- “Suppose we got here again as ghosts asking the unasked questions” -- for hours, after which there are principles and pictures that offer natural excitement with their secret. The “border of poetry” is “dreamfaces blurring horrorlands. ” In “rooms of mahogany and leather,/ conversations open in overseas code. Thighs and buttocks to open later by means of/ association. ” there's something undying approximately this poem, even supposing it’s approximately timeliness:

They requested me, is that this time worse than another.

I stated, for whom?

Wanted to teach them anything. whereas I wrote at the
chalkboard they drifted out. I grew to become again to an empty room.

Maybe I couldn’t write speedy adequate. perhaps it was once too soon.

“Draft #2006” made me take into consideration what it can suggest to seize this second in heritage with a poem. There are poets who've succeeded in grabbing a second, epically and without end -- T. S. Eliot’s “Lovesong of J. Alfred Prufrock” does it, and Ginsburg’s “Howl,” and several other of Auden’s poems and, perhaps so much completely, Dan Pagis’s “Written in Pencil within the Sealed Railway automobile. ” As I begin to give it some thought, such a lot of robust poems do catch the instant, rigidly and obviously. “Draft #2006,” as I reread it, is this sort of -- it captures a time on the earth, within the human global, that's slippery, lovely and perhaps inevitable.

There are puzzles and their attainable suggestions all through this quantity, and the lifeless -- skeletons, ghosts, casualties of conflict and famine, composers via their song, well-known philosophers via their phrases, William Blake -- emerge repeatedly to invite questions. They locate solutions in mystery codes -- “ghost limbs pass into spasm within the night,” “history as wallpaper/urgently chosen clipped and pasted/but the room itself nowhere,” “the exits are slick with people/going someplace speedy, ” “And underneath the outside of boredom/ indecipherable worry. ” There are strangely apt convergences, unforeseen principles and topics that make feel jointly, as in “Hubble photos: After Sappho”:

These impersonae, even if we name them
won’t invade us as on motion picture screens

they are so outdated, so new, we aren't to them
we examine them or don’t from in the milky gauze

of our tilted gazing
but they don’t glance again and we won't damage them

These are the works of a mature poet, somebody who speaks many metaphorical languages -- math, technology, politics, track, grief -- and smoothes all of them into one old, new language. it truly is infrequent that somebody within the twenty first Century, somebody with a complicated schooling and a thorough bent and laurels to leisure on, doesn’t lose it as a poet, turning predictable, writing approximately trivia with out exposing greater than what’s at the web page. yet someway, Adrienne wealthy is trickily coping with it, needling on the pores and skin, writing precise, genuine poems. there are such a lot of dreadful instructions wealthy could’ve long gone, following on fallacious turns taken through such a lot of different once-great 20th century poets -- maudlin speeches, off-putting, phony sagas of gooey Californian intercourse, predictable memoirs. as a substitute, in her seventies, Adrienne wealthy has written a magnetic, attention-grabbing masterwork. "

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