Advice and Support - The Early Years [US Army in Vietnam] by Ronald H. Spector

By Ronald H. Spector

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The first news of the Japanese coup received by Americans in the China th eater was a radio message from th e French garrison at Lang Son in north- easte rn Vietnam, tra nsmitted about midnight on 9 March . The message reported a heavy Japanese assa ult on the garrison and speculated that an attack on all French units in Indochina was probably under way. The d efe nders requested American air strikes on deSignated targets in their area. The commander of the Fourteenth Ai r Force, General Chennault, requested permission to provide the air assistance that the French had asked for and, more generally, "to co-operate directly with the French authorities in Kunming" to conduct oth er a ttacks in Indochina .

246 - 47. 57MeA li ster, Viet "am: Origil1s of Revolutioll , pp . 109 - 1J; Butti nger, Viet "am: A Dragon Emilt/tlled. 10243- 45. 58A m Consu l, Saigo n (George D. Lamont), to Sta te Dept. 23 Dec 40. OO/67, RG 59; McA lister, Vie/lla m: Origills of Revol1l tioll, pp. 12 1- 24 . 5

A thorough discussion of America n policy toward Ind ochina during 1940- 41 may be found in Wi lliam L. Lange r and S. Everett Gleason, Ullricc/art'd War, 1940 - 1941 (New York: Harper & Row, 1953), pp. 9 - 16. 64 1- 44. SoiMemo, Adv iser on Political Relations (James C. S. 1940, vol. 4, Tile Far East (Wash ington, 1955), pp. 64 - 65. Slaies- Vie/llam 17 Advice alld Slipport: TIle Early Yea rs, 194 1 - 1960 placing an emba rgo on sa les of high-grade fuels and scrap iron to Japan. In July 1941 the Japanese occu pied th e southern half of V ietna m w ithout resis- ta nce .

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