Action Whirligigs - 25 Easy-to-Do Projects by Anders S. Lunde

By Anders S. Lunde

Понятные инструкции и чертежи 25 очаровательных небольших управляемых ветром игрушек. Все - превосходные работающие с деревом проекты, потому что их легко сделать, недорогие, и - больше всего - они - забава! Для всех уровней способностей.

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Hand-shaping the wood requires sharp tools and some finesse. When planing the long grain, fine tearout is common because of ebony’s hardness and interlocking grain. I’ve had success with both standard and high bevel angles. Just start with a super-sharp blade and expect to resharpen frequently. For best results, set the plane for a fine cut, with a tight throat. I clean up any fine tearout with a scraper. When working end grain in these brittle woods, chipout is common, so I prefer to use a low-angle plane, taking a light cut with a tight throat and skewing the plane acutely.

IT DESERVES A SHINE When it comes to finishing ebony, I’ve had great success with shellac and oil/varnish. Being both dark and naturally shiny, ebony shows defects easily, so careful surface prep is a must. Regardless of the finish you choose, build up enough coats to make the prized ebony stand out. Using no finish is an option, too, but be sure to burnish the wood to a high polish with shavings. Tricks for Working with Ebony Thin blades save material. To get the most yield from the rough ebony chunks, in this case Macassar, Hack uses a bandsaw.

Don’t let the economy keep you from making beautiful furniture. Available Throughout the United States BEECH Once favored for handplanes and other tools, beech is tough, even-grained, attractive, and fairly easy to work. It has the soft, fleshy tones of pear, with very fine, light flecks. Beech isn’t known for its stability, so design accordingly. ” —Garrett Hack, contributing editor HICKORY With a warmth and tone similar to raw cherry, hickory is a beautiful furniture wood, even if doesn’t darken with age.

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