Achilles in Vietnam: Combat Trauma and the Undoing of by Jonathan Shay

By Jonathan Shay

Publish yr note: First released in 1994

An unique and groundbreaking publication that examines the mental devastation of warfare by means of evaluating the warriors of Homer's Iliad with Vietnam veterans struggling with post-traumatic tension disorder

In this strikingly unique and groundbreaking booklet, Dr. Shay examines the mental devastation of warfare via evaluating the warriors of Homer's Iliad with Vietnam veterans struggling with post-traumatic rigidity sickness. even if the Iliad used to be written twenty-seven centuries in the past it has a lot to educate approximately strive against trauma, as do the more moderen, compelling voices and studies of Vietnam vets.

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While 9 MAB staff monitored the Air Force Command Net for information, the marines heard about the 7AF helicopter rescue of the Koh Tang assault force. The planning for combat operations turned to a rescue mission. The 2/4 and HMH-462 marines stood ready in case the USAF helicopters failed. Fortunately, the extraction took place within hours. Still, 9 MAB was ready to execute an attack on Kompong Som. CINCPAC deactivated the task force on May 18. com The Last Boarding Party – The USMC and the SS Mayaguez 1975 MAY 15 1975 0725–0822hrs Marines board and clear the Mayaguez Marines swarm throughout the Mayaguez.

Captives and captors vomited due to the tear gas, but the fishing trawler chugged forward – armed Khmer Rouge guards forced the Thai crew, at gunpoint, to move towards the mainland despite the tear gas. The A-7Ds returned 30 minutes later and dropped RCA munitions again, but they failed to deter the vessel. A pilot offered to disable the ship by shooting out the rudder, but Washington declined. Ford was incensed that the military had allowed any Khmer Rouge ships to leave Koh Tang. While Jones and Schlesinger tried to get guidance from Ford, the President wanted to find out why the pilots did not follow his order.

Some of the helicopters had seen gunfire, probably from patrolling gunboats, but none from the shoreline. After the landings, the marines could call on five flights of A-7Ds for close air support, but it looked unnecessary now. The first wave would have no preparatory fires, naval or aerial, to hit any possible beach defenses. Besides, the Holt was busy with the Mayaguez and the Wilson would approach Koh Tang at about 0700hrs. Austin’s mission was to search for and recover Miller and his crew. Any air bombardment or naval gunfire could accidently kill some of the Mayaguez crew.

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