Accurate Clock Pendulums by Robert James Matthys

By Robert James Matthys

The Shortt clock, made within the 1920's is the main well-known actual clock pendulum ever identified, having an accuracy of 1 moment in keeping with 12 months whilst saved at approximately consistent temperature. just about all of a pendulum clock's accuracy is living in its pendulum. If the pendulum is exact, the clock might be exact. during this ebook, the writer describes many clinical facets of pendulum layout and operation purely with experimental information, and little arithmetic. it's been written, all of the diversified elements and features of the pendulum in nice aspect, bankruptcy by way of bankruptcy, reflecting the measure of recognition invaluable for creating a pendulum run properly. the subjects coated contain the dimensional balance of alternative pendulum fabrics, stable and bad suspension spring designs, the layout of mechanical joints and clamps, influence of quartz on accuracy, temperature reimbursement, air drag of other bob shapes and making s sinusoidal electromagnetic force. One entire bankruptcy is dedicated to basic methods of bettering the accuracy of standard inexpensive pendulum clocks, that have a unique development to the costlier designs of considerably well-made ones. This ebook will end up beneficial to a person who desires to know the way to make a extra actual pendulum or pendulum clock.

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With the pendulum stopped, mark two small dots (A and B) on the paper about 1 in. directly above and 1 in. directly below the top end of the free unclamped part of the suspension spring. The 1-in. dimensions are not critical, but accurately measure the actual distance L between the two dots (A and B). Set the pendulum swinging at its normal swing amplitude, and using an accurate ruler (a 6-in. 1(c) ). 1 is given by: A1 x ϭ and then L Ϫ x B1 xϭ ΂A Aϩ B ΃L. 1 1 1 This locates the axis of rotation on the paper.

Recovery to the straight shape was complete in 48 h. The two photographs show (1) the bowed rods under their 100 lb loads, and (2) the straight shape they returned to when the loads were removed. A significant point for the clockmaker is that the rods did not immediately recover their initial shape, but required 48 h to do so. There was a delay in the elastic response of the glass rods. This delay in the elastic response of glass is discussed further (below) by Murgatroyd and Sykes [2]. In a torsion experiment, they measured the strain response to an applied stress over a 1-month interval.

Without periodic re-enforcement, the energy stored in the swinging of a pendulum will die out in approximately Q cycles of oscillation, that is, the amplitude will go to zero in a time span of approximately Q cycles of oscillation. With a Q of 10,000, it will die out in 10,000 cycles of oscillation. 6 h for a pendulum with a 2 s period. So how can Q, which inherently involves the concept of stored energy, have an effect on longer time intervals, such as a month or a year? It cannot, at least not in any way that I can see.

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