A New Dictionary of Christian Ethics by John Macquarrie, James F. Childress

By John Macquarrie, James F. Childress

A key reference paintings for a all who're learning Christian ethics.

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PRESTON N. WILLIAMS Agape see Charity; Love; Neighbor Agathology From the Greek agathos (good) and logos (discourse), agathology is the science or theory of the good. See Axiology; Teleological Ethics. Aged, Care of the In 1980, one in ten younger households in the USA was involved in giving care or support to enfeebled older relatives. Twice as many old people were cared for at home as were found in nursing homes. Greater numbers received assistance from family members in their homes and apartments.

4) In 1603-1604 appeared the revised Canon Law, modest in scope yet comprehensive in intention. Thus was right living declared to be inseparable from true belief; the Decalogue was acknowledged as summarizing the chief requirements of the natural law and as finding its complete unfolding and fulfillment in the teaching and person of Christ; moral obedience was perceived to be not the cause but the consequence of a right relationship with God, sustained by prayer and worship; and the church's institutional structures were justified by the need to provide for the pastoral care of the faithful and for the extension of the kingdom through its ministry toward society at large.

5:27-31; the Greek word porneia in this passage is probably a general term referring to the sins of the flesh). The teaching of Jesus in this, as in other matters, does not deal with the outward offense, which he assumes to be wrong, but concentrates attention on the inner thoughts and desires, implying that it is here that the moral offense has its origin, and that therefore this is the point where action needs to be taken. Christians have allowed divorce* for adultery, even when they have forbidden it for any other reason, on the basis of the passage from Matthew's Gospel (5:31-32).

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