A History of the Nation of Islam: Race, Islam, and the Quest by Dawn-Marie Gibson

By Dawn-Marie Gibson

The liberate of the Federal Bureau of Investigation's vast archive of surveillance documents, interviews, and firsthand debts has made it attainable to bare the reality in the back of the myths and misperceptions concerning the country of Islam. This finished source catalogues the days, locations, and other people that formed the philosophies from its youth via to its current incarnation.

The definitive resource at the topic, A historical past of The state of Islam: Race, Islam, and the search for Freedom attracts on over a dozen interviews, in addition to archival and rarely-used assets. The e-book departs from the standard "Malcolm X-centric" therapy of the topic, and as a substitute examines the early management of Fard Muhammad, demanding situations traditional perspectives on Malcolm X, and explores the current day inner politics of the flow put up Louis Farrakhan's retirement.

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Membership in the NOI plummeted after 1933 and dwindled further when Elijah was incarcerated for refusing to register for the draft in 1942. 1 The Nation’s exponential growth in the decade that followed owed much to the proselytizing efforts of Muhammad’s ministers, the turbulence of the Second Reconstruction, and the development of the NOI’s economic empire. The bourgeois lifestyle of Muhammad and his family was financed by excessive donations from NOI members and Muhammad’s business deals. The national media inadvertently aided the group’s exposure to the public in 1959 when WNTA-TV aired a five-part series on the NOI titled The Hate That Hate Produced.

Unlike Malcolm, Walcott experienced a stable childhood. He had the benefit of formal education and had embarked on a career as a calypso singer prior to joining the NOI. 45 Walcott, however, did not enjoy the same prestige that Malcolm did in the NOI. He ministered in the Boston temple of the NOI and, while his work brought about an increase in NOI membership in Boston, Walcott’s achievements paled in light of Malcolm’s. The hard work of Muhammad’s student ministers resulted in a vast increase in the NOI’s national membership.

C. in order to avoid 30 A History of the Nation of Islam detection by disaffected NOI recruits. 11 Elijah’s initial efforts to ensure the NOI’s survival were hindered by a series of internal power struggles and the ongoing arrest and detention of male members for refusing the draft. 12 NOI converts were not alone in their efforts to skirt complying with the draft. 13 Hopes that “closing ranks” with their white counterparts in the First World War would translate into increased rights at home after the war were misplaced.

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