A Grammatical View of Logic Programming by Pierre Deransart

By Pierre Deransart

In the box of good judgment programming there were quite a few makes an attempt to rework grammars into common sense courses. This e-book describes a complementary process that perspectives good judgment courses as grammars and exhibits how this new presentation of the rules of good judgment programming, according to the thought of evidence bushes, can improve the field.

The authors' procedure allows dialogue of grammatical facets of, and introduces new types of semantics for, yes courses. They survey appropriate grammatical formalisms and supply a entire creation to the well known characteristic grammars and van Wijngaarden grammars. a proper comparability of certain courses to those grammars permits the authors to spot attention-grabbing grammatical concepts.

The ebook additionally incorporates a presentation of verification tools for certain courses derived from verification equipment for characteristic grammars, and an research of the occur-check challenge to illustrate of ways the grammatical view of good judgment programming could be applied.

Pierre Deransart is examine Director at INRIA-Rocquencourt, Le Chesnay Cedex, France. Jan Maluszynski is Professor within the division of computing device and data technology at Linköping collage, Sweden.

Contents: Preliminaries. Foundations. Grammatical Extensions of common sense courses. characteristic Grammars. characteristic Grammars and good judgment Programming. facts tools. learn of Declarative houses. The Occur-check challenge.

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Systematic exploration of all of them would lead to enumeration of all elements of the language defined. EJ Copyrighted Material Preliminaries 5 The ideas illustrated by the example are now formalized by the fol- lowing definitions. 1 A context-free grammar is a triple (N, E, P), where N is a finite set of nonterminal symbols, E is a finite set of terminal symbols disjoint with N, P is a finite set of pairs X -f a, where X E N, a E (N U E n The strings over the alphabet E are called terminal strings.

Thus, a unifier is a solution of the equation in every preinterpretation. A most general unifier 0 of the equation t = t2 is a unifier that is more general than any other unifier. It follows by the definition that O is unique up to renamings on Var(0). For a given set of equations E we will denote by mgu(E) a substitution in the equivalence class of the most general unifiers of E. A substitution is a unifier of a set of equations if it is a unifier of every equation in this set. n. A set of equations or a set of terms E is said to Copyrighted Material 17 Preliminaries be unifiable if there exists a unifier of E.

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