A Further Record: Extracts from Meetings 1928-1945 by P. D. Ouspensky

By P. D. Ouspensky

Our variation is a brand new layout; huge paperback one hundred sixty x 230 mm, published on off-white caliber paper. textual content is identical surroundings and web page numbering as unique version. within the similar structure we released additionally A checklist OF conferences.

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334 Promille Lüge

Ich struggle der Meister eines geheimen Bundes. Nun habe ich die Geheimnisse offenbart: Ich zeige dir genau, wie du ALLES wissen und ALLES bekommen kannst, used to be du willst. Du lernst die einfache Methode kennen, dich an deine vergangenen und zukünftigen Leben zu erinnern. Ebenso einfach ist es, jeden Menschen nach Belieben zu beeinflussen.

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O. I am not speaking about facts; I speak about principles, about uncontrolled inventions. And if they go further and further, it is impossible to say what will be invented next, and where we shall go to with these inventions, and what force will stop them. I do not mean that it could be stopped or changed; I gave it merely as an illustration that, maybe, we live at an interesting time. Q. If more energy is being used.. MR. O. It means forces can be used for one thing or another. Q. It is used for mechanicalness rather than for evolution....

Everything that can be acquired comes, then disappears, comes again, again disappears. After a long time it comes a nd stays a little so that you are able to give a name to it, to notice it. Secondly, we must see how we deceive ourselves when we think in the ordinary way: that we can 'do', that we are not guilty, that all the others are guilty and so on. We must change this way of thinking, we must understand how little we possess. Q. Is it better always to say, 'I am guilty'? MR. O. This is equally wrong.

O. Try to think about it; try to see for yourself why certain attitudes are necessary for understanding. There are many, many things in life that you cannot understand unless you have a sufficiently good negative attitude towards them. Very often, when people begin to speak about different things, they get nowhere because they do not have a negative attitude. If you look at them positively, you will never understand anything. So sometimes a negative attitude is a very useful thing. On the other hand, the moment you have a negative attitude towards things that refer to the work, to rules of work, methods of work, you cease to understand anything.

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