A Conservative Walks Into a Bar: The Politics of Political by Alison Dagnes (auth.)

By Alison Dagnes (auth.)

This e-book examines why there are so few conservative political satirists at the present time and explores the results of this imbalance.

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As soon as she got picked we learned everything about her family, her background, pictures of her from college. You know, the media loves her because she is a pretty girl or says pretty good things and so there is lots of stuff to hang your hat on (Baze 2010). One can fairly point to the weaknesses of the mainstream media with their soft news coverage of politics as fodder for these parody portrayals. When real news organizations pay more attention to the lifestyle elements of a candidate than the policy preferences, it becomes the dominant narrative that describes a politician.

But what distinguishes satire from straight political commentary is the laughter and play that temper it. Some argue that satire does not have to be funny, which may be the end-state of the joke, but one important characteristic is an attempt at humor. Another common understanding of satire makes the case that it must distinguish between what is and what should be, and to accomplish this goal, satire must be somewhat comparative. When satire sheds light on a perceived injustice, it also references the justice that should be found instead.

S. 569 (1994)], the court ruled that song parody was considered “fair use” and was not a copyright infringement, which left the door wide open for The Capitol Steps political cabaret show, and for the song parodies that other political satirists employ. Put together, this means that political comedians can use their talents to freely mock the political establishment thanks to the practical and legal protections that can defend the satirist from being taken too seriously or from being retaliated against by angry audiences, the courts, or politicians who feel wronged.

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